03.13.20 - 03.19.20

It’s wild how much can change over the course of a week. Trump declared a national emergency on Friday March 13th, and by the following morning I found myself shooting in the trenches. My task, as framed by the editors at Soft Punk Magazine, was fairly vague - capture the full spectrum of human experience in New York during this pivotal moment. This open-ended prompt gave me total creative license, which was equal parts liberating and daunting. I wanted to find the intimate and infinite emotions of New Yorkers, while also keeping enough distance to protect myself and others.  

The shooting process quickly became a balancing act—there is a delicate dichotomy between being a good samaritan and a fervant documentarian. I’ve never taken a more controversial assignment. This mental battle only intensified as the days passed, and more information trickled out about the virus.

I hope these photos serve to illuminate the many sentiments of the city before the shutdown—the chaos, the confusion, and everything in between. I know my intentions were in the right place.